Paleo Pork for Two: All for $10

This is my first of four blogs about easy Paleo recipes that can be very satisfying, easy to make, and relatively inexpensive. This first recipe will feed two average sized people. I get all of my products in this post from Trader Joes.


1lb of Pork Loin (I get the unseasoned kind, so I can save a few dollars and know that I am staying Paleo)

Sea Salt

Ground Peppercorn

2- Sweet Potatoes

One bag of organic spinach

Ghee (or Kerrygold Grassfed Butter)

Kitchen Items:

Cast Iron Skillet (preferably one you can put into the oven)
If you cannot put the skillet into the oven, a cooking sheet will work.

One pot to boil water (for the sweet potatoes)

Pork Prep:

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Season the pork loin with the sea salt and peppercorns. Leave the pork to sit for about 10mins. After about 8 minutes turn the stove onto HIGH heat and place the skillet on top of the stove. Put a copious amount of ghee into the pan that covers the cooking surface. After allowing the pork loin to season for the full ten minutes, place the pork in the skillet and brown all sides.


By this time the oven should be preheated. After browning all the sides of the pork place the skillet into the oven. If the skillet/pan can’t be put in the oven, transfer the pork onto a cooking sheet. Set a timer for approximately 20-25 minutes. If using a cooking thermometer the internal temperature of the pork should be 145 degrees with 3 minute rest.


Sweet Potatoes Prep:

After you put the pork in the oven you have about 25 minutes to cook sides for your meal. First, I set a pot full of water with a lid with a little salt, on that same burner that was used to cook the pork. I then like to cut the sweet potatoes into either little wafers/chips or I will cut them longitudinally into about 4 strips per potato. After done cutting these into strips or chips I will drop them into the boiling water. I then set a second timer for 10 minutes. After I remove the sweet potatoes from the boiling water I will use another pan or the same pan if I transferred the pork to brown the sides of the sweet potatoes.


Spinach Prep:

Pick a pan and place the whole bag of spinach in the pan with some fresh ground garlic, salt, pepper, and a little bit of olive oil. Sauté the spinach.


So for just about 10 dollars and in roughly 30-40 minutes this whole recipe can be prepared. Enjoy!

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3 responses to “Paleo Pork for Two: All for $10”

  1. Ema Jones says :

    Can I add some Mediterranean herbs in here? Plz suggest…

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